Focus City of Dayton Cleanups on Neighborhoods

April 1, 2010
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This an email sent to FROC and Dayton City Commissioners and the Mayor
While I am in favor of all the efforts to clean up Main street,  I believe a much more critical  & urgent need is in Five Oaks itself. Take a drive down the alley between Fountain and Santa Clara…it looks like a garbage dump in some third world country. Also, I walked from my house on Manhattan down Richmond to the Post office and was completely disgusted by what I saw, trash everywhere. The brick  house on the corner of  Manhattan and Richmond has a parking pad full of trash. Drive from Richmond  unto Delaware toward Main Stand the scene is the same.
My neighborhood is in the worst shape I’ve ever seen as far as trash is concerned.

Two things are very  evident. 1/Many of my neighbors are absolute slobs.
And,  2/the city is falling flat on its face insofar as code enforcement is concerned.

Cleaning Main street may be important, but the truth is the neighborhood is what needs a focus far more than Main st.

Gary Staiger

City of Dayton Prostitution Hot Line

July 20, 2009
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Forwarded from CITY OF DAYTON …..

The Dayton Police Vice Unit has now established a hotline that individuals may use to report suspected prostitution activity.  The Vice detectives will act on the information accordingly, and it may lead to a letter being sent to the registered owner of a vehicle used by a suspected john or other action. In addition, the drug hotline can now accept complaints in Spanish.

333-VICE (8423)

We ask that you share this information at the neighborhood meetings and your newsletters, so the public is aware.  Please emphasize the importance of being specific with observed activity and descriptions.

The  Hotline should NOT take the place of calling the dispatch center [911] for crimes in progress.


July 14, 2009
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Here is the link to the video on youtube


Three years ago, people who live in the McCook Field neighborhood of Dayton Ohio learned that the former Chrysler Airtemp plant at Leo and Webster Streets, now owned by Behr, had leaked trichloroethylene (TCE), into the ground and that toxic vapor from the chemical was coming up into their houses at unsafe levels.  Over 400 homes have been tested for vapors and elevated TCE levels were found in more than half. Contamination levels as much as 650 times the official “action level” have been found. One school has been closed due to contamination. The USEPA says this is one of the worst contamination sites in the country and has made it a Superfund site.

Mitigation systems, which are a patch but not a fix for the problem, have been installed in many homes but the TCE plume continues to move through the groundwater causing levels under the homes to constantly change.  For that reason, all of the homes need to be periodically retested in order to insure that they are safe, something the USEPA has not yet agreed to do.

BVOCAL spokesperson Jerry Bowling says, “We want to tell our story and to encourage the USEPA to retest all of our homes on an ongoing basis until the problem is resolved.”

The Ohio Department of Health has found that TCE exposure is linked to kidney cancer, liver cancer, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and several other types of cancer including Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cervical cancer.  A cancer incidence study of the McCook Field area completed by the Ohio Department of Health in August 2008 found that for all cancer types, the neighborhood had a significantly higher than expected number of cancer cases and that for 4 types of cancer associated with TCE exposure; liver, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and cervical cancer, there were more observed cases in the area than would have been expected.

TCE exposure can also cause other health effects such as headaches, lung irritation, dizziness, coordination and concentration difficulties, skin rashes, nerve and immune system damage and damage to fetal development. Many of these problems have been reported by residents of the neighborhood.

Chrysler discovered the TCE contamination on its property in 1989 or 1990.  Almost 20 years later, the site is still not being cleaned up despite the severity of the contamination and the number of people affected.

Now that Chrysler has filed bankruptcy, it appears that it may try to completely walk away from it’s responsibilities to this neighborhood.  The BVOCAL group is working to make sure that doesn’t happen and that the USEPA does everything it can to protect this community.

BVOCAL can be reached at, bo68chev@att.net , 937-224-5058, 522 Herbert St., Dayton, OH 45404.


July 11, 2009

I love Bob Dylan’s music, or most of it anyway. I really do, in fact I’m listening to one his records [LP] right now as I write. .He sounds like the old Dylan [oh,crap, that’s right, he is the old Dylan].

Let me be clear. I’ve seen Dylan in concert before and a great singer he’s not, a  stylistic Icon, yes…great singer, no. And from what I hear from folks who had seen him even earlier, he wasn’t all that great [as a singer] back then either.

As the opening croak of Lay Lady Lay tried to crawl off the stage in center field at the Dayton  Dragon’s ballpark July 10th, there was a palpable sense of seat shifting, a rustling, heads joined together, whispering, a quite rumbling, groaning. I said to my companion, ” I know he’s not a great singer, but, what was that!!??” She shrugged her shoulder and said” I don’t know but it sounds really awful.”

According to Wikpedia Lay Lady Lay “was originally written for the soundtrack of the movie Midnight Cowboy, but wasn’t submitted in time to make the final cut. [2] (more…)


December 12, 2008

Well,  CRAP! The decision by Senate Republicans to sink the proposed “bailout/loan” for Detroit automakers
is going to have a very direct impact on the Miami Valley. A BAD impact.

In a blatant right wing assault, Southern Senators, led by Sen Shelby of Alabama, have sought to blame the Auto workers union’s for the crisis. The reality is  that errors in decision making by the Big 3 MANAGEMENT brought this crisis on.

It is said that crap rolls downhill,  and surely this is one hell of a hill we are standing on. Will GM and Chrysler be able to continue making and selling cars [that no one is buying now]  while in bankruptcy proceedings? Obviously the answers will not come easily, nor painlessly. Buckle up, friends, ’cause the ride to the bottom of this hill is going to very rough.

This mornings NY Times had the following depressing story in it…

December 12, 2008

Senate Abandons Automaker Bailout Bid

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Thursday night abandoned efforts to fashion a government rescue of the American automobile industry, as Senate Republicans refused to support a bill endorsed by the White House and Congressional Democrats.

The failure to reach agreement on Capitol Hill raised a specter of financial collapse for General Motors and Chrysler, which say they may not be able to survive through this month. (more…)

The Great Alaskan Turkey Massacree [with apologies to Arlo]

November 24, 2008

The Great Alaskan Turkey Massacree [with apologies to Arlo]

A conversation with a friend provoked me to think about the Gov. Sara Palin and the Great
Alaskan Turkey  massacrree.
First, note, I am NOT a fan of Ms Palin’s politics. on the other hand I can relate to her in one important way  relevant to her seemingly blissful nonchalance about  turkey ‘s  being slaughtered in full view of the cameras during a recent interview. She’s a hunter, and, while I have not actually hunted in years, I grew up with that mindset.
My dad started taking me along on hunting trips  when I was about  eight, chasing rabbits in the western  Massachusetts  state forest and laurel groves. For a rural kid like me, it was just the way it was, our culture. If you shot it, you ate it, There wasn’t any “sport”  hunting with my Dad. You killed animals in order to eat them, otherwise you left them alone.

Which brings me back to poor disparaged  Sarah, reviled on line and made fun of on YouTube. Bringing up a question that seems to have been lost in the whole brooha, I mean>> where do the snickering masses  think the bird that sits on the Thanksgiving table comes from, anyway!!??. Really. My friend made a point in the conversation  about the author  Rita Rae Brown, who stresses in her writing about  how far away from our natural hunting and gathering roots we have gone in order to be “civilized”.

It is a sad truism that so many of us are utterly  disconnected from how we get our food. It’s all wrapped up and sanitized for us. Nice and neat on the shelf or in the meat case. That dissonance creates the atmosphere where we do not recognize how her nonchalance wasn’t really nonchalance at all. It was just the way it is. You  have to kill turkeys in order to be able to eat them. And, from her rural world perspective[and believe me Alaska IS rural] turkey’s  being killed is a pretty ordinary thing. Although she probably wishes she had stood somewhere else for the interview, I doubt that she turned off any NRA members, part of her natural constituency.

So, Sarah, this is undoubtedly  the only time I can imagine giving you and your right wing ideology a pass, but you get one for acknowledging, even if unintentionally,  that you have to kill the bird in order to eat it, and  for that we must be about giving thanks for the bird that gave it’s life for our meal, not just for Thanksgiving the holiday. I think there is a metaphor somewhere in all this about our current economic crises,  even if I’m not quite sure what it is just yet.

Posted on YouTube: The actual 3:10 minute interview…judge for yourself,  is this the future of the Republican party??


November 7, 2008

A campaign worker for Andi Eveslage, Democrat running in the for state rep in the 37th State district found herself in a confrontation with West Carrollton police  on Election day for passing out literature in front of the poll at the Grace  Lutheran Church, outside the legal limit of 100 ft. from the polling place. The church treasurer, who had been observed earlier tearing up Eveslage’s campaign signs [ a violation of election laws] was the person responsible for calling the police. A West Carrollton police serageant misinterpertd  the law and was authorizing the on site police to make an arrest when intervention by Eveslage via the county election board stopped them.

This was not an isolated incident according to Ms Evelslage, who was running against Republican Peggy Lehner for the seat. At Harry Russel elementary school. also in West Carrollton, the school principal tried to make two volunteers leave the school grounds. It took direct intervention by the candidate and a call from the board of elections to the district superintendent to get an apology and admission of ignorance of the law. Her father, stationed St Charles church in Kettering, was asked by a church person if they were standing outside the 100 YARD zone. The 85 year man calmly told her “no” , but that he was outside the 100 foot limit, where upon he was still told he had to move. He did not, asserting his right to be there under the law. Told that they were going to call the police Mr Eveslage retorted, “go right ahead, I’ll be here waiting for them!”.

The 37th is very Republican, the House seat having been vacated by John Husted  due to term limits. Real live Democrats  appearing at poll places is practically unheard of in this reddest of red districts. The harassment of Ms Eveslage’s campaign workers  is a blatant and illegal form of voter suppression. It is hard to know whether this was a concerted effor by backers of the very conservative Peggy Lehner [known or unknown by her] or just a failure of Board of Election officials to make clear to those volunteering their property as a polling place what the law is concerning what is allowable and what is not and where the boundarties lie for campaign workers. Regardless, it should not have happened and Board of Election officials need to be very forthright in training poll workers and educating property owners  where polling is set up about the law.


February 15, 2008

The Ohio Attorney General has opened an investigation into the forcible strip searching of a Stark County woman, Hope Steffey, by a mixed gender team of County Sheriffs deputies. Video has commentary from Cuyahoga County Sheriff where he states that if this had happened in his department, the deputies would have been fired…

Watch the most recent news update at: http://www.wkyc.com/video/player.aspx?sid=82866&aid=54225

2/27/08 I called the AG’s office in Columbus:No details released to the public, but confirmation that an investigation is on-going.

Latest Anti-Pot Quack Science: ‘Marijuana Makes Your Teeth Fall Out’

February 9, 2008
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Latest Anti-Pot Quack Science: ‘Marijuana Makes Your Teeth Fall Out’

By Bruce Mirken, AlterNet
Posted on February 9, 2008, Printed on February 9, 2008

Recent weeks have seen a rash of new studies of marijuana hitting the mass media, generating scary headlines like “Smoking Pot Rots Your Gums,” “Cannabis Bigger Cancer Risk Than Cigarettes,” and “Pot Withdrawal Similar to Quitting Cigarettes. Most of this coverage can be boiled down to a fairly simple equation:

Flawed science + uncritical reporting = misinformation.

Mercifully, the U.S. mass media were so distracted by Super Tuesday, Heath Ledger’s autopsy and the latest Britney Spears trauma that reports of these studies didn’t get as much play as they might have. That’s good, because the research had significant gaps, and the reporting ranged from slapdash to flat wretched.


The lung cancer study was the scariest. Since cigarettes are a known lung cancer risk, it seems plausible that marijuana might carry similar risks. In fact, most of the scientific evidence tends in the opposite direction — though one would never know it from reading either the study or the Reuters wire story that got the heaviest circulation.

Conducted in New Zealand, this was what is called a “case-control” study, in which researchers looked at a group of patients who had lung cancer and compared them to a group without cancer — the controls — matched for age and other demographics. All were asked about various factors that might increase their lung cancer risk, including smoking cigarettes or marijuana. After running the data on 79 cancer cases and 324 controls through myriad equations and mathematical analyses, the researchers proclaimed that one joint packed a cancer risk roughly equal to 20 cigarettes — an assertion that became Reuters’ lead. (more…)


December 19, 2007
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This comes from a friend of mine, a reporter at the Dayton Daily News [also known as Damn Dumb News] and concerns efforts by the Dayton Newspaper Guild to negotiate a contract with the Cox Publishing Companies Dayton newspaper. The link will take you to a YouTube video of a Newspaper Guild picket line in front of the DDN’s new headquarters on So Main Street: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdLb1npylA4

this link will take you direct to the Dayton Newspaper Guild’s informational website:


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