Made in China: Stop Arms Sales to Sudan

April 9, 2008
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Made in China: Stop Arms Sales to Sudan

Stop Arms From China to Sudan
Chinese trade and influence in several developing countires in Africa and Asia continue to fuel crimes against humanity.

The Summer Olympic Games in Beijing on August 8th give China the opportunity to showcase its accomplishments and its rising global power. China is also working hard to manufacture an image as a responsible and harmonious global actor. But behind this façade lies another China, one that places economic growth over its human rights responsibilities around the world.

Since 2003, the government of Sudan has orchestrated a campaign of terror in Darfur, leaving more than 200,000 people dead and at least 2.5 million homeless. During this period, China has largely ignored the mass atrocities in Darfur and instead strengthened its political, economic, and military relationship with the government of Sudan. The primary reason is simple: China desperately needs Sudanese crude oil to sustain its economic growth at home. But the relationship between China and Sudan does not stop with oil sales. China is currently the largest known provider of small arms, small arms parts, and ammunition to Sudan-the type of weapons that have been used by agents of the Sudanese government to wreak havoc in Darfur.

In the lead up to the Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, Human Rights First has launched the “Made in China” campaign. With your help, we will pressure China to stop its arms sales to Sudan.

As the Olympic Games draw near, China is trying to minimize the importance of its arms sales to Sudan. As Human Rights First describes in its report, Investing in Tragedy, China is the largest—and at this point, almost exclusive—provider of small arms to Sudan. These weapons are clearly being used to maim, kill and force people to flee their homes in Darfur.

China’s response to demands that it stop shipping arms to Sudan is unconvincing. It points the finger at the other countries China claims are providing arms. This strategy is doomed to fail. Instead of deflecting attention from its own actions, China should use the Olympic Games to publicly commit to its human rights responsibilities by immediately ending arms transfers to Sudan.

The Beijing Summer Olympic Games theme “one world, one dream” rings hollow to the millions of people in Darfur left homeless and devastated by more than five years of violence. Please join Human Rights First in pressuring China to stop selling arms to Sudan now.

Contact Human Rights First: http://www.stoparmstosudan.org/pages.asp?id=1#cont

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