The Great Alaskan Turkey Massacree [with apologies to Arlo]

November 24, 2008

The Great Alaskan Turkey Massacree [with apologies to Arlo]

A conversation with a friend provoked me to think about the Gov. Sara Palin and the Great
Alaskan Turkey  massacrree.
First, note, I am NOT a fan of Ms Palin’s politics. on the other hand I can relate to her in one important way  relevant to her seemingly blissful nonchalance about  turkey ‘s  being slaughtered in full view of the cameras during a recent interview. She’s a hunter, and, while I have not actually hunted in years, I grew up with that mindset.
My dad started taking me along on hunting trips  when I was about  eight, chasing rabbits in the western  Massachusetts  state forest and laurel groves. For a rural kid like me, it was just the way it was, our culture. If you shot it, you ate it, There wasn’t any “sport”  hunting with my Dad. You killed animals in order to eat them, otherwise you left them alone.

Which brings me back to poor disparaged  Sarah, reviled on line and made fun of on YouTube. Bringing up a question that seems to have been lost in the whole brooha, I mean>> where do the snickering masses  think the bird that sits on the Thanksgiving table comes from, anyway!!??. Really. My friend made a point in the conversation  about the author  Rita Rae Brown, who stresses in her writing about  how far away from our natural hunting and gathering roots we have gone in order to be “civilized”.

It is a sad truism that so many of us are utterly  disconnected from how we get our food. It’s all wrapped up and sanitized for us. Nice and neat on the shelf or in the meat case. That dissonance creates the atmosphere where we do not recognize how her nonchalance wasn’t really nonchalance at all. It was just the way it is. You  have to kill turkeys in order to be able to eat them. And, from her rural world perspective[and believe me Alaska IS rural] turkey’s  being killed is a pretty ordinary thing. Although she probably wishes she had stood somewhere else for the interview, I doubt that she turned off any NRA members, part of her natural constituency.

So, Sarah, this is undoubtedly  the only time I can imagine giving you and your right wing ideology a pass, but you get one for acknowledging, even if unintentionally,  that you have to kill the bird in order to eat it, and  for that we must be about giving thanks for the bird that gave it’s life for our meal, not just for Thanksgiving the holiday. I think there is a metaphor somewhere in all this about our current economic crises,  even if I’m not quite sure what it is just yet.

Posted on YouTube: The actual 3:10 minute interview…judge for yourself,  is this the future of the Republican party??


September 29, 2007
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It’s been almost two months since joining the internet world of “blogging”. I did not start this discourse with much of a plan in mind, just some vague ideas about runnin’ my mouth about things I’m interested and, in the process, do both some enlightening and enraging, some informing, some dissembling and posting of some provocative opinions.

Inspired [?] one day by the umpteenth prostitute struttin’ past my storefront, eyes flickering from car to car, trying to catch a look-an acknowledgment for an assignation, I grabbed the keyboard and started peckin’ . You can call the Man, but the Man has other priorities in a city where crimes far more “serious” than some hooker trying to make a 20 spot demand their response. Not that there isn’t enforcement of laws, it is just that the laws don’t really work…and talking about that got me started on this blog, a place to holler about hookers…[!}. You can read more about that subject in the archives.

I’m cribbin, compiling and copying, plus adding my own commentary. I don’t have very many answers. The cliche is that the more you know the more you know how really very little you DO know { a tip of the hat the GWBush on that one…]. So you come up with more questions & I like sharing what I think are answers, and or, discussion points., that may or may not develop into answers. Some of you have already joined the conversation, there is plenty of room for other voices. My focus is The War in Iraq/Afghanistan, the First Amendment, Educational issues, Blue Dog Democrats, city living and it’s too early to tell what else . The blog title says it all.

Your thoughts, comments, ideas, are most welcome. Please share them.

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September 28, 2007
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