A campaign worker for Andi Eveslage, Democrat running in the for state rep in the 37th State district found herself in a confrontation with West Carrollton police  on Election day for passing out literature in front of the poll at the Grace  Lutheran Church, outside the legal limit of 100 ft. from the polling place. The church treasurer, who had been observed earlier tearing up Eveslage’s campaign signs [ a violation of election laws] was the person responsible for calling the police. A West Carrollton police serageant misinterpertd  the law and was authorizing the on site police to make an arrest when intervention by Eveslage via the county election board stopped them.

This was not an isolated incident according to Ms Evelslage, who was running against Republican Peggy Lehner for the seat. At Harry Russel elementary school. also in West Carrollton, the school principal tried to make two volunteers leave the school grounds. It took direct intervention by the candidate and a call from the board of elections to the district superintendent to get an apology and admission of ignorance of the law. Her father, stationed St Charles church in Kettering, was asked by a church person if they were standing outside the 100 YARD zone. The 85 year man calmly told her “no” , but that he was outside the 100 foot limit, where upon he was still told he had to move. He did not, asserting his right to be there under the law. Told that they were going to call the police Mr Eveslage retorted, “go right ahead, I’ll be here waiting for them!”.

The 37th is very Republican, the House seat having been vacated by John Husted  due to term limits. Real live Democrats  appearing at poll places is practically unheard of in this reddest of red districts. The harassment of Ms Eveslage’s campaign workers  is a blatant and illegal form of voter suppression. It is hard to know whether this was a concerted effor by backers of the very conservative Peggy Lehner [known or unknown by her] or just a failure of Board of Election officials to make clear to those volunteering their property as a polling place what the law is concerning what is allowable and what is not and where the boundarties lie for campaign workers. Regardless, it should not have happened and Board of Election officials need to be very forthright in training poll workers and educating property owners  where polling is set up about the law.


  1. Your ignorance of election law shows deeply. First you assert that tearing up a political sign on church property is illegal. It is not. It is illegal to place that sign on church property without the permission of the private property owner. If the candidate placed a yard sign in my yard, it is implicitly implied that the sign is mine to do with as I wish.

    Second point, to assume that Peggy Lehner has a network of police is absurd. That church secretaries and school administrators who are ignorant of vague and poorly communicated election law are working in concert to disenfranchise Ms. Eveslage’s 35% of the electorate is a poor assumption and can only be made from the farthest of the left.

    The arrest that was thwarted was based on the 100ft rule, not the sign destruction rule, yet you fail to mention that in your reporting.

    The Board has no failure here. They informed each site of the rules. Two dedicated staff members correspond with the each site as to the rules and expectations. It is not the Boards responsibility to train each member of the church or school staff. Your article fails to mention if anyone contacted the Precinct Presiding judge for assistance, that person has been trained on the “100 ft rule” and has been trained to understand the difference between distributing literature and placing signs on private property.

    Comment by mcohio — November 8, 2008 @ 2:31 pm

  2. One additional thought, 3 problems at 3 of 117 precincts does not make an irregularity.

    Comment by mcohio — November 8, 2008 @ 2:43 pm

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