City of Dayton Prostitution Hot Line | July 20, 2009

Forwarded from CITY OF DAYTON …..

The Dayton Police Vice Unit has now established a hotline that individuals may use to report suspected prostitution activity.  The Vice detectives will act on the information accordingly, and it may lead to a letter being sent to the registered owner of a vehicle used by a suspected john or other action. In addition, the drug hotline can now accept complaints in Spanish.

333-VICE (8423)

We ask that you share this information at the neighborhood meetings and your newsletters, so the public is aware.  Please emphasize the importance of being specific with observed activity and descriptions.

The  Hotline should NOT take the place of calling the dispatch center [911] for crimes in progress.

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  1. If any of the above tactics “worked” then it would have become a formula and these tactics would then be used all over the USA where this kind of thing has become a problem. You know the old saying “it takes one to know one”? Well one alcoholic knows how to help someone else get sober. Those of us who are in recovery from sex work – know very effective ways to stop this from happening – but without hurting the prostitutes, the clients, or the area of town involved. The most “typical” ways we have heard townspeople try and combat this has about as much effect as trying to stop a train with a sponge would. Problem is that many people also wind up needlessly hurt because the “townspeople” don’t really understand the impact of their actions. Plus if you affect a hookers’ income without providing her with another way to replace that income – then guess what? She’s going to have to hook even more to make up for the difference – so in this case ignorance makes for a bigger problem than you started with. If you ever want to consult with someone and get ideas that work – and do not create more of a mess than you started with – you can give us a call at http://www.sexworkersanonymous.com – Thanks – Jody

    Comment by Jody — May 25, 2010 @ 12:02 am

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