Dayton Politcx Launches Personal Attack on DDN Reporter

August 4, 2007
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Dayton Politcx Launches Personal Attack on DDN Reporter
Shown below is the final paragraph of a screed about Dayton Daily News reporter Lynn Hulsey that appears on local blog Daytonpolitix. [ http://daytonpolitix.com/ ] Ms Hulsey wrote a series of 5 articles in late June, early July about a secret GOP local operating fund that, among other actions, paid State Senator Jeff Jacobson $448, 196 over his 13 year stint as party chairman. In her June 28 article Hulsey quotes Jacobson as saying “First of all, the small amount of money that I got out any donation that people made versus the amount of work I performed, I think it’s not an issue. I know I was never overpaid.” Republican insiders involved with fundraising wanted to shield the names of the people who were coughing up this cash from the general public and so kept the funds donors a secret. The law on this has since been changed.
Apparently Daytonpolitx has a bone to pick with Lynn for “exposing” this information…the diatribe/rant following is typical bombast from the blog posting…

Lynn knows that the electorate are sheep. She also should know that the bulk of her readership are educated, upper middle class and predominately Republican. Why she is able to continue her sick diatribe against the very people that pay her salary is sickening. While the Dayton Daily is losing readers faster than the Democratically controlled City of Dayton is losing residents Lynn is pissing people off with her expose on Republican Donors. The editorial board equips her and gives her free reign to write whatever she wants without an objectivity. Reporting against the GOP and allowing the Dems to comment is not two sided reporting. Especially when the GOP response is buried 6 pages back. Funny how an article about the GOP features quotes from two Dems on the front page. Objective my ass.”

I have known Lynn for many years and consider her both a friend and an excellent, thoughtful and thorough reporter. There is no quibbling with the facts presented in her series…the fund existed, it was used to secretly channel big bucks into the pockets of a very few people. It is not hard to see how this could be construed as influence buying, especially when the chief Buyer is Clay Mathies, Billionaire financier of conservative causes and the primary recipient is the head of the local GOP..

The writer is both insulting “Lynn knows that the electorate are sheep” and, apparently, quite nervous “Lynn is pissing people off with her expose on Republican Donors.” Makes one wonder who these folks are that are being pissed off and why they ARE pissed off…something more to hide??

As an apologist for the power of money in politics the author has few peers. He pushes every neo-con scare button there is and ends up sounding like a sad parody of one. His facts are at best dubious and his political perspective borders on neo-fascist.

His attempt at writing is aimed at shooting the [mess]enger and covering up the mess...and sad.

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