Vital Public Meeting Tuesday 3/18 in Piketon/S.O.N.G. | March 14, 2008

Dear Friends of SONG, [Southern Ohio Neighbors Group]

Last March, more than 300 of you responded to our appeal to turn out for a crucial public hearing held by the U.S. Department of Energy to protest a plan to turn Piketon into a massive storage dump for high-level nuclear waste.

We need your attendance again at a vital public meeting this Tuesday, March 18, at Piketon, at the same location. (Details below.)

Because of YOUR turnout last year and other activism, the GNEP plan was stalled. Congress radically cut GNEP funding, DOE has indefinitely delayed any siting decisions, and the Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement due last summer is still not issued. Once a new administration takes office, GNEP likely will be dead. Thank you for helping us show that ordinary citizens do still have some power in America!

However, the demise of GNEP creates other problems at Piketon. Because DOE had planned to pack the old process buildings with spent fuel, they did not plan for cleanup of the site, and did not charter a Citizens Advisory Board to oversee that cleanup. Ted Strickland has just announced that he would like to bring a NEW uranium enrichment plant to Piketon, owned by AREVA, the national nuclear company of France.

The 3700-acre federal reservation near Piketon is public land.

It belongs to the people of the United States.


Yet Piketon is the only major federal cleanup project in the country

for which the Department of Energy has chartered

no Citizens Advisory Board.


The site lies alongside one of the most important

ancient geometric earthwork complexes in North America.

Yet preservation laws have never been applied at Piketon.

Scioto and Pike rank 2nd and 4th among Ohio‘s 88 counties in poverty rate. Yet the President’s Directive on Environmental Justice

has never been applied at Piketon.

Now it’s time to


Come to Learn and Speak Out!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

OSU Endeavor Center on Shyvil le Road in Piketon

4 pm to 6 pm: Community Meeting with refreshments hosted

by Southern Ohio Neighbors Group

(west building)

6 pm to 8 pm: Public Meeting on site cleanup and public participation sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy

(east building)

Afterwards: Community Meeting room will remain open for further community discussion hosted by Southern Ohio Neighbors Group (west building)



Please come. Bring your family and friends.

Make your voices heard!

Join SONG: Southern Ohio Neighbors Group

P.O. Box 161, Piketon, OH 45661

email: SHIPPSONG@aol.com or reply to this message

website: www.OhioNeighbors.org (soon to be updated!)

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