It’s a little, obscure list, but apparently an interesting one nonetheless. The list, of people convicted of prostitution related offense in Dayton Municipal court is normally compiled by the Prosecutors office, approximately quarterly.

No list has come out since August of ’07, so i called the Prosecutor’s office to find out where’s the most recent list? Delayed. The Dayton Court’s have been undergoing incremental conversion to a new computer system and the programming for this list is down near the bottom of the list of projects. An attorney for the Prosecutor’s office said she hoped the new list will be available in the next month or so. Hopefully.

The previous listing of offenders has had nearly 250 views so far this month, indicating an on-going interest in this “vital statistic“…hope to post the next exciting list soon…



  1. I know what you intended by using lists like this. Speaking as someone who used to be in the sex industry – who is in recovery now – this kind of public “outing” will have an opposite effect. Why? I’m sure you’ve seen how people in the sex industry don’t tend to think, or act, like other people.

    I thought you might benefit from an “insider’s point of view” here. When you post the name of “john’s” in such a public way – a few things happen. Yes they tend to get “shamed” and often their wives and/or girlfriend’s will often leave them

    While most bosses wouldn’t really care about an employee getting popped for something like solicitation – the female employees and the customers might. I have heard from more than one man who has been publically named after an arrest that he lost his job because of being “outed”.

    A bigger proglram happens if they have children – well you know how mean children can be sometimes – and how hooked up to the internet they are. These mens’ children will often have to take the brunt of a lot of teasing after these names appear publically – especially online where kids tend to read more there than in regular newspapers.

    What I’ve also been hearing happening more and more lately is that the pimp’s are getting these johns’ addresses. They use lists like this as “lead” lists and actually make contact to market them “safe” prostitutes guaranteed not to be a cop. Something they actually find appealing after being outted like this.

    I was glad not to see any prostitute’s names listed. I’ve heard real horror stories about this when it happens. These women have found themselves with eviction notices after a public outling because the landlord doesn’t want “someone like them” living there in most cases.

    The pimp’s also use these lists as “lead lists”. They make contact with the girl and sales pitch them about how they wouldn’t have been popped if they had “protection” like these pimps can offer them.

    John’s have even gotten smarter. Since they don’t want to risk getting arrested – they know any womans’ name on one of these lists is an “actual” prostitute so they will reach out to them for services figuring they need money after an arrest and then they both neither one have to worry about the other being a cop.

    The women who have children report an even harder time with things if they have kids. In these cases, I’ve talked to kids who have been beaten up, and even raped, after one of the lists appear showing “mom” to be a prostitute. If the woman does have even a part-time “leglt” job she was working in an attempt to transition slowly out of prostitution – she can also kiss that job goodbye – making it even harder for her to quit.

    With “john’s” you can have a more effective way to use a list like this. Most will do anything in order NOT to have word get out about being caught like this with his pants down. They will gladly pay fines, attend special classes, do community service, anything rather than see their name in the paper.

    You lose all that motivation that could be harnessed once his name actually appears.

    Anyway – just my two cents because I can see you are trying to figure out what you can do to improve the situation.

    If I can be of any further assistance, just don’t hesitate to give me a call.

    Jody Williams
    (775) 482 8820

    Comment by Jody — May 25, 2010 @ 4:28 am

  2. for direction to help

    Comment by Jody — August 5, 2010 @ 12:35 am

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