How to be a 501 [3]c Non Profit and Still Oppose the War | January 23, 2008

I received some criticism earlier this month from supporters of the Dayton Peace Museum for a post in which I criticized the Museum for not taking a more principled and public stance against the current Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The main argument went along the lines of “We can’t be too out front on current anti-war issues because of our “non-profit” status “, a contention I found spurious, given the example of many other organizations with similar government granted non profit status who actively take positions on various social issues, including these horrible Wars.

Lo and behold, in an email today from the American Friends Service Committee [ a 501 [3] c with a LONG history of direct opposition to War…] comes a perfect example of that which I wrote about, to wit>>>

AFSC has just released a new 2 min. video to help people understand the outrageous amount of money that is being spent daily on the Iraq war — at the expense of meeting human needs.To reach the widest audience, we need your help. On YouTube, the more views a video gets, the more visibility it gets.

So we are asking all our friends and supporters to

– watch this video (at least once)

– rate it (be honest) and

– send it to your whole network of friends and family with the same message.

We hope to get at least 1,000 views the first week – maybe much higher.

Please take a minute now – click here and watch the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnq6cD5jk1Q

After you view the video and send it to your friends, if you have a few more moments, please sign our petition to Congress to DEFUND the Iraq War and RE-FUND human needs at home and in Iraq: http://support.afsc.org/site/PageNavigator/DefundRefundPetition

Thanks much for your help.

American Friends Service Committee

915 Salem Avenue
Dayton, OH 45406
937 278-4225

The Friends Service Committee has been an active part of the anti war movement in Dayton for decades. Principled opposition to War cannot simply be about educating on the lessons of the past, it has to connect with the realities of TODAY, and this video is a great example of how to do that. Bravo AFSC!


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