Why I Support Nancy Nerny for Dayton School Board | October 31, 2007

As previously noted by this writer, my direct contact with school board politix is, at best, marginal. Don’t go to meetings, semi – knowledgeable about current issues [got a kid at Stivers, I don’t want to see Jullienne School on Old Orchard torn down etc]. Like a lot of other people. When I think about the schools I believe in a public education system that meets the needs of its community as visualized and implemented by a community based and controlled school board.

The people on that Board need to be the best we as a community can elect to serve us. I had a great conversation with Nancy Nerny the other day, and I came away even more convinced that this was someone who would fulfill that role. Ms Nerny is a woman who is deeply involved with the learning/teaching community of Dayton. As a teacher, she has legions of students who can recall being in her classroom as one of the high points of s school day. My youngest son, now nearly 20, was in here when Nancy was. He had her as a student years ago, but the embrace both for and by the former student was still warm and spontaneous. And it’s not the 1st time I’ve seen her greeted by former students in a similar fashion.

Nancy Nerny will translate that connection into action on the board. Her goal is to be a uniter, focused on resolving contentious financial issues surrounding the current Boards spending on multi million dollar administration buildings instead of focusing on the needs of the students. Nancy doesn’t fancy herself a “politician”, but, if by politics you mean the art and science of getting people to get along in a manner that is mutually beneficial for as many as possible while respecting the rights of those who disagree, then I think she will do fine. Thats the kind of “non-politician” we need running our schools. Nancy Nerny is already doing some of this. She serves on several School Board advisory committees and is communication with current and past Board members for their views.

In my estimation though, it is the community connection and her focus on building the communication with the parents and on connecting the schools and parents with the larger community. She sees the necessity of looking into the future to continuously refine and develop curriculum that is ahead of the community needs curve That’s a one two punch that pretty much says it all for me.

btw: Nancy is part of a slate that is associated with current Board member Joe Lacey. In part of an interview with Mike Robinnette, on the DaytonOs website, Lacey elaborates in more detail about why he supports the slate Ms Nerny is part of. It’s an interesting slice of both Board and Democratic Party internal goings on… http://daytonos.com/

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