Nancy Nerny for Dayton School Board | October 29, 2007

What I’m For

1) What are your reasons for becoming a candidate for this office?
-As a retired teacher and volunteer in the schools, I’ve seen from the inside the poor working and learning conditions of teachers and students. As such, I would like to: -To increase community involvement in the Dayton Public Schools -To find ways to cut school costs but not quality before asking for a levy. -To better communicate school problems and issues to the community.
2) What do you consider your greatest asset to be as a candidate or elected official?
-Having worked in the Dayton Schools for 32 years as a teacher, and then volunteering there for 10 more years, I understand how they serve the community and our children. Also I have extensive service to and knowledge of community nonprofits and how they use their resources to serve our community—experience I can apply to serving on the School Board.
3) What resources do you have for your candidacy? (money, time, volunteers)
-I am retired, so have lots of time, yet little money and a few volunteers.
4) What do you feel will be the major issue(s) in your campaign and what is your position on it (them)?
-I and many community members feel they have made incompetent financial decisions, yet the present Board members disagree. As an example, I believe they have purchased administration buildings for management instead of committing those funds to support children’s instructional needs. The Board has also asked the community for an outlandishly high levy without a clearly stated austerity plan, without exploring other funding options, and without enlisting broad community support. I plan to do the latter three, making sure the essentials of the classroom are present before public money is spent on other things.
5) Do you support the rights of all workers to organize and bargain collectively? Please list specific involvement with or support of organized labor.
-Yes, I have been a building representative and a member of the Dayton Education Association, and am now lifetime member of the DEA-retired group.
6) Minorities, women, organized labor, and the poor have always been important citizens. Please indicate any programs or initiatives you will propose regarding these groups if you are elected.
-Most of the DPS students are poor and in a minority group. I plan to 1) strengthen pre-school programs with more parent participation that will help students become more ready for kindergarten and further education; 2)work with the district to be more fiscally responsible; and 3) encourage more community partnerships that will increase the academic success of its students (for example, an Adopt-a-School plan, school-community advisory groups).

My Qualifications

OCCUPATION: Retired teacher and community volunteer

PREVIOUS ELECTIVE EXPERIENCE: noneMy Qualifications - Nerny for Dayton School Board


WEB SITE ADDRESS: http://nernyfortheboard.wetpaint.com


  • University of Dayton, Dayton, Ohio: B.S. in Educ

  • Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio: M.S. in Educ. Majored in Curriculum and Supervision of Teachers.


  • Teaching
    • Dayton Public Schools (32 years): grade levels 2-6; includes 2 yrs. as a Fulbright scholar exchange teacher in London, England, 1 yr. as an exchange teacher in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Social Work
    • Dakota Street Center (2 years): full time work organizing neighborhood self-help projects (e.g., teen club, recreation, tutoring, fund-raising)


  • Teaching poetry at Juvenile Detention Center, Dayton
  • Organizing, managing, and counseling informally at center for teenaged drug users
  • Organizing social events for an adult singles club
  • Teaching summer and winter workshops to teachers and students at Aullwood and Boonshoft
  • Organizing & accompanying DPS students for annual residential environmental camp, 20 years
  • Administering annual science fair for Loos Elementary students, including community volunteer judges, 15 years
  • Participating in curriculum planning teams, both city-wide and within my school; also in school district’s city-wide problem-solving task force
  • Attending countless in-service sessions on environmental education, storytelling, consumer education, marine biology, energy, technology, etc.
  • Serving as board member and secretary of Glen Helen Ecology Institute, 2 years
  • Visiting British Primary Schools for a summer study tour
  • Chairperson/founder of 100-member club, Gem City Birders, 19 years
  • Organizing Stillwater RiverFest for Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark, 2007
  • Serving on the FROC Land Use Committee, 2 years






  • Read about my views on my website!

  • Tell your Dayton friends about my candidacy!
  • Place a sign in your yard (send me your address)!
  • Walk your neighborhood giving out flyers!

  • Come with me to walk another neighborhood giving out flyers!

  • Drive a zip code to place my signs along roads or on lawns!

  • Contribute to my campaign to defray mailing & poster costs. Make check out to and send to:

Committee for Nancy Nerny for Dayton School Board


482 Shiloh Dr.

Dayton, OH 45415

Thanks for whatever you can do. Let me know what you decide soon.


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