THE AMAZING Flip Flopper! Something to Agree w/Rudy Giuliani about: The Red Sox! | October 26, 2007

Providence, RI, Journal, June 2007:

Rudy Giuliani, when asked if he would accept the Presidency if it hinged on him becoming a Red Sox Fan, replied:

“I have a great deal of respect for people who really are fans of the teams they say they are fans of, but probably that’s a deal I could not make”.

On Wed Giuliani declared himself a member of the Red Sox Nation for the duration of the World Series against the National League Colorado Rockies, claiming loyalty to the American League.

How so very typical of our candidate.

I grew up in Western Mass, and my sister lives in SE New Hampshire, all Red Sox Territory. Even when I lived there, which was a long long time ago, the North Shore of Boston extended well past the resort town of Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, which lies just across the border from Massachusetts’s less infamous Salisbury Beach. I would put heavy odds that the overwhelming #s of New England sports fans , never mind New Hampshire by itself, are ardent Sox fans [and of the Patriots, Bruins and Celtics…] . Ever the opportunist Rudy sees a chance for self aggrandizement and goes for it.

I don’t begrudge him this one quite as much as I do his flops on abortion rights, gay rights, human rights, civil rights, personal relationship commitment, family relationships and just about every other position or semi liberal/libertarian idea he made use of to hang onto the Mayorship of NYC.

Nope, because if you are Red Sox fan during a World Series you are OK with me. I HATE the Yankees, and derived great pleasure in their being shut out of the ACLS. BUT, and this is a big BUT, once the Series is over, Mr G, we’re comin’ after you and your secret Drag Queen alter ego…’cause you are wrong on just about everything that needs to be made right about America, starting with your incredibly callous remarks about torture, including about those you made about the infamous “waterboarding” method that Judge Mukasey, the Attorney General nominee, and you, in his defense,  seem willing to endorse in the name of “fighting terrorism”,

That’s not the American way, Mr G, and, if that is YOUR position, then you stand both on the wrong side of the Law and the Constitution as well as being at opposite poles with the educated electorate you will face next November if you are the Republican nominee.

So, go right ahead, MR G, cheer for the Sox now, but know for real that your membership in the Red Sox Nation expires one second after the Sox claim the World Championship and that advance elements of that educated electorate will have drawn a bead on your strike OUT zone. See Ya!


Red Sox Rule!!

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