Chicago & Dayton Anti-War Demonstration Oct 27 more details | October 21, 2007

In Dayton there will be a protest at the corner[s] of Far Hills and Stroop in Kettering, on October 27 at 1 pm sponsored by Dayton Peace Action/September 11th Coalition.

Please bring signs.

We all, right & left, grieve for the warriors who have been lost in this war.

We also grieve for the tens of thousands of Iraqi & Afghani people, civilians and soldiers, who have lost their lives. We grieve for the chaos that is now Iraq & Afghanistan.

We Honor them by our efforts to Stop the Killing/Stop the War!

By bringing an end to this unjust war we Honor them by saving the lives of their comrades who remain in the military and can come home safely with an end to hostilities.

It is those who started this war who dis-honor the Warriors. The Neo-Cons, their allies and their dupes are the ones who must shoulder the awful burden of responsibility for the deaths of nearly 4,000 soldiers, sailors. airmen and marines. It is they who must bear the burden of responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Afghani and Iraqi civilians. The blood is on their hands, and no amount of spinning, no infinite number of lies  can change what all the world can see so clearly.

Our government, what is left of it. Is out of control. The crisis of the war is only part of a much bigger struggle we must all be engaged in. This Saturday I urge you, nay, admonish you, to take a public stand against the wars.

Join us at 1 pm on the corners of Stroop and Far Hills Avenues, Kettering,Oh


             …To Stop the Killing is How We Best  Honor the Dead.


Seven Days to Go…Details for Chicago Rally

Oct 27: Bring Someone New!

Billboard on 1-90 near Skyway, Chicago, Il.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Now is the time for all peace and justice activists to get into high gear: outreach, organize and mobilize.

The watchwords of the day: EVERYONE BRING SOMEONE NEW, someone who has never marched before. The 49th Ward, for example, met a few days ago, in a public meeting, and is aiming for a bus of newcomers from Rogers Park

We’re hitting the airwaves. We’re holding a major press conference in the Loop Monday featuring some of our labor, community, congressional and city council leaders. They will call Chicago to join us on Oct 27 under the banner, ‘STOP THE WAR NOW, BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME!. Other themes stressed are ‘Fund Human Needs, Not the War!,’ ‘Defend Our Civil Liberties, Defend Immigrant Rights!’ and ‘Stop the Violence at Home and Abroad, No Wider Wars!’ Several Congress people and community leaders also recorded Oct 27 radio ads which are being broadcast this week.

We have a terrific lineup of speakers and performers. To the list posted last week, we’re adding Rosemarie Slavanas, Gold Star Families Speak Out; Rep John Conyers, (D-MI); and Rep Jan Schakowsky (D-IL).

Our logistical plan is solid. Two good stages with excellent sound, seating for the older folk, plenty of room for assembly, a good line of march, space for tables, buses parked near Federal Plaza, everything down to portapotties. We need about 50 more volunteers to lead chants and serve as guides and peacekeepers. We also need to borrow all the bullhorns people can lend us.

We have new contingents. Chicago-Area Educators for Peace and Justice, Chicago Layers against the Iraq War, Healthcare Not Warfare Contingent, ‘No War, No Warming’ Contingent, as well as new neighborhood groups have formed. Connect to these or create your own.

We’re still growing.
This week we pulled in groups like Illinois Volunteers for Richardson, National Organization for Women – Chicago, the Buddhist Peace Fellowship-Chicago, Greater Chicago Ron Paul 2008 Campaign, Stop the War on Iraq –Terre Haute, and a number of new local unions, and youth and community groups.

Go Grassroots! Is your neighborhood covered with posters? Are you speaking up at the meetings, services, concerts and events you go to? The night before Oct 27, get on your phone and nudge all your friends one more time, not only to come, but to bring someone who has never come to one of these before.

Now is also a good time to write a check or hit the ‘donate’ button on the website to help all those who are already into high gear.

To volunteer call us or use the ‘volunteers’ link on the website.

If you have a ride to offer, post it to the ride sharing forum on the web site.

ALL OUT Oct 27!

Donate online at: http://oct27chicago.org Make checks to CAWI/Oct27, 3411 W Diversey, Suite 4, Chicago IL 60647. 773-384-5799. Email queries to: oct27chicago@gmail.com


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