MUSINGS & MISCELLANIA …10/14/07 // Ann Coulter//S-Chip Vote//DAYTON SCHOOL BOARD//RED SOX RULE! | October 15, 2007

Ann Coulter , Acid Queen of the far far far Right was a guest on the Big Idea, hosted by one Ronnie Deutsch, last night… a re-run from Oct 8, but seriously scary nonetheless. All the time Coulter has been on the media stage I have assiduously avoided her, figuring my blood pressure medicine might not be enough to save me from the stroke I was sure viewing her vituperations would give me. Channel surfing last night, I saw her blond head bobbing earnestly as she spit her venom and parried with Deutsch… Omigawd…!!! She is, in fact, the embodiment of all the evil that one could pack into one person and not have it explode in a puss filled mess. According to Coulter, Jews are “un-perfected Christians”, her “perfect world” would look like NYC during the last Republican Convention…and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Switching off the TV after the show, I quickly ran upstairs and took a shower…

Media Matters has the transcript and a link to a YouTube clip of Coulter on the Big Idea at http://mediamatters.org/items/200710100008


Yesterday’s Dayton Daily carried their endorsements for the Dayton School Board and in doing so eviscerated the slate backed by current Board member Joe Lacey. I have not been following the Board, as perhaps I should,  so I don’t know the rationale behind their hatred of Lacey, but it must be something deep. I only know Lacey as a Democratic Party activist who seems to have party support. Nancy Nerny, on the other hand, is a teacher I have known for many years. She taught several of my kids and they really liked her. Very community involved, Nancy has a solid background with Dayton Public Schools and, from my personal experience, would be a solid community oriented addition to the Board. Look for an update on her campaign perspective here in the next few days.


As a long time loyal member of the Red Sox Nation I was seriously depressed after Saturdays defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. Here’s hoping Manny and crew pull it together for game 3 tonight in Cleveland…and boo hoo to all you Indian’s fans!! Sox Rule!!


Voting on the S-Chip children’s health bill will be taking place soon in Congress as Democrats, with the help of some Republican legislators, try to overcome Bush’s recent veto of the legislation. Local US Reps Turner, Hobson and Chabot voted for it, John Boehner and Jeanne Schmidt against. It is doubtful Boehner or Schmidt will ever change their view, but it is important to keep the pressure on the other three not to change their vote.

Representative Steve Chabot (R – 01) 202-225-2216   http://www.house.gov/writerep/
Representative David L. Hobson (R – 07) 202-225-4324   http://www.house.gov/hobson/formmail.htm
Representative Mike Turner (R – 03) 202-225-6465   http://www.house.gov/miketurner/IMA/contact.shtml

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