The flap over a flag pin dogging Barak Obama is getting O’Reilly-ized, Hannytfized…what crap. When ever someone even slightly left of center in the presidential primary campaign actually expresses outward manifestations of those beliefs, the wing nuts go literally nuts.

It’s a damn pin. A commercial article, probably mass produced in china…

It is NOT a definition of one’s Patriotism or lack thereof.

Is Obama the right guy for Prez??? I don’t know. Is he correct in his explanation of why he took the pin off??? I think so. Whenever the wing-nuts have the opportunity to change the dialog away from the War, the economy, political corruption or any one of a myriad of problems plaguing the neo-cons…they will. And the flag pin flap is just that, a distraction from reality. Same same for the General Petraeus/Betray Us ad. And, when I think about it, do I really want Sen Harry Reid bloviating on the Senate floor about dumb ass Rush Limbaugh??? I get enough from the nightly evisceration Keith Olberman does on Countdown to the whole phalanx of media wing-nuts. Sliced, disced and nailed to the floor. Isn’t there something more serious Reid should be focusing on?? Like the war, the economy?? Health care?? It’s a huge distraction. Why cater to it?

Make your point Harry, then get off the Floor. I no more want Harry Reid’s Senate resolution on Rush than I do one from Trent Lott about Olberman. It’s not the place for it. As whacked out as the wing nuts are, they are their own worst enemies. Their die hard viewers, the religious fanatics and the pathetic, mindless listeners, are a permanent MINORITY. The may splash a lot in the pool, even make some waves, but their actual numbers represent very little. and it is pretty unlikely they are going to change anytime soon…not that we should give up trying. The problem seems to me to be that the left appears to be comatose on Main Street. We are not engaged, not making enough noise, not connecting enough with real people. The wing nuts are defining a vision of America that is at odds with what I believe most people I know have. The answers may not be very clear, but the path of the neo-cons and their enablers is not the correct one, even tho it might be the “right” one…

In a circuitous way that leads me back to the Senator from Illinois and his un-pinning. I don’t give a rat’s ass if he wears one or not. There is a whole range of high level government officials hiding behind the patriotic symbolism of a little piece of metal and some paint who are, in my view, lying, thieving criminals who have plunged this nation into one of the worst crisis’s in it’s 200 + year history, and should be indicted and impeached.The pin and the ad are torch points for the right. The response of the left should be even more ardent than the noise emanating from the public agenda changin’ wing nut media darlings.

Patriotism is about what you do, what you actually stand for. The symbols, the flag lapel pins, are reflections of, or should be, of what it is we stand for, not the thing we BLINDLY stand for.

Let Rush and Bill and Sean rant away…but nail them in their lies, their corrupted view of the world. Hit them where it hurts, with truth to lies, truth to power. But not with a Senate resolution. And the pin? Like I said earlier, I don’t give a rat’s ass whether Obama or any other politician wears one or not. I want to know what they stand for, their history, what they say they are going to do with their power, for good or for evil. That’s what counts, not some pin or the lack thereof.


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