CITY OF DAYTON MAKES MOVES ON PROSTITUTES:Targeting No Ho’ Zones | October 6, 2007

Blogging the news…an article in this morning’s Dayton Daily describes city officials efforts to address Dayton’s growing reputation as a “sex for sale” destination as chronicled on this and several other Dayton weblogs. Two ideas promoted here, establishing “No Ho’ Zones” [not how the city describes them] and promoting “John Schools” , are key parts of a City effort to address the prostitution issue. A city ordinance would enable police to issue tickets to known sex workers in a designated zone and then, upon a second offense, arrest them for loitering, a misdemeanor offense. It is not clear from the article exactly what the penalties would be. It is likely that parts of North Main, West 3rd and Xenia Avenue would be areas initially given the no tolerance designation.

Efforts like this are to be applauded as they indicate a positive response to a problem that, at least to this observer, has been getting worse and worse. There have been days when I have id’d as many as a dozen different hookers operating on N Main. Cops I have spoken to have shown me lists of known prostitutes with over 20 names on them…and expressed the frustration they feel with the revolving door of arrests and and seemingly simultaneous release of the women taken to the jail. In addition , the Montgomery County jail has a general policy of not accepting hookers, thereby overburdening the city jail system.

The proposals are a step in the right direction and I like the idea of adding pictures to the listings of people who have been convicted of loitering to solicit. A list of August arrestees can be viewed at                                       http://prostitutionconvictionsdaytonohio.wordpress.com/
Concurrent with, but not discussed in the DDN article, are efforts by the city to establish rehab programs that offer prostitutes solutions and alternatives. Dayton City Commission Clerk Len Roberts has been researching the availability of state and federal funds for this purpose but I am unaware of any results so far.

Arresting prostitutes and establishing No Ho’ zones will only accomplish limited relief, in some cases just setting up a “whack a mole” situation where new areas become destinations for hooker hunters. Establishment of the John Schools is crucial to reducing demand, as is the continued efforts at public embarrassment. Unfortunately for society, real solutions will continue to be elusive so long as economic and social conditions combine to push both men and women into seeking sexual gratification at the expense of personal dignity.

Coincidentally, this morning’s New York Times has an article, JOINING TREND, BULGARIA WILL NOT ALLOW PROSTITUTES which you can read at http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/06/world/europe/06bulgaria.html?_r=1&ref=world&oref=slogin



  1. Reducing demand? Outing Johns? As a liberal who believes fervently in civil liberties, I see legalization as a far better plan. You will never, ever reduce demand. Let’s legalize prostitution so we can protect the women and prevent abuse by johns and pimps. Shame never works, and frankly I’m shocked to find that on a liberal blog. Prostitution is the oldest in the world for a reason. There are many women having sex for drug money. And there are some who have chosen this as a career. I’d recommend you watch a few documentaries on sex workers, most notably the one from five or six years ago about strippers who unionized a club in San Francisco.

    Comment by atthenet — October 7, 2007 @ 9:00 pm

  2. While I personally do not have a problem with the concept of legalization, one has to remember where we are. The Ohio legislature recently passed a very stringent law regarding sexually oriented business promoted by right wingers from Cincinnati and, the attempts by opponents to put a challenge to the law on the fall ballot seem to have gone down in flames.
    Laws governing legalization of prostitution must be passed at a state level. What do you think the chance of that are in a state that passed a “defense of marriage” ballot issue a few years back?? Crack-heads don’t form unions…and drug addicted [of which there are many] street hookers are not the same as more savvy “call girls.” This is NOT San Francisco…Pragmatism rules.

    Shame does work. Would you want YOUR name publicly posted, along with your picture and and home address?? Recidivism rates of Johns School graduates, according to information I have seen, is very low. Information regarding how many of the people convicted of soliciting are repeat offenders is being compiled. Detailing similar data on the prostitutes is also in process.

    At the same time I recognize that these “solutions” are limited in scope. My post takes note of this with the “whack-a-mole” comment. Unfortunately though, you are correct, prostitution is not going to go away, but as a business person [and leftist, not liberal] I am plagued by the fact that the heavy presence of hookers is a major factor in the reticence of potential customers to shop here[and in the other heavily infested areas].

    As I said in my post, “real solutions will continue to be elusive so long as economic and social conditions combine to push both men and women into seeking sexual gratification at the expense of personal dignity.”

    Comment by leftofdayton — October 8, 2007 @ 1:19 am

  3. As a resident of North Main I welcome city officials getting the prostitutes off my street.

    The early part of this summer was especially bad in Santa Clara; and I welcomed the increased police presence. (That, and some buildings finally getting boarded up helped too. ) But if the city can get all the prostitutes off North Main–a major street in this city–all I can do is throw up my hands and yell, “Hallelujah!”

    Comment by torgoman — October 10, 2007 @ 6:23 am

  4. I have a topic about prostitutes and why we have so many in Dayton is the crack usage and how easy it is buy.Now this is a true story about courrpt police officer that I will call K-9 Mike and his involement with a crack prostitute. I tried to help a young lady of her late thirtys to exscape her addiction to crack terrible mistake but I would make sure she would seek treatment and assitance that was provided and take her to her appointments and to church of her choice.While she was under meds to help her you could not ask for such a wonderful person,but once she stop taking her meds look out she would steal from me and sneek to purchace drugs after awhile when I caught her smoking crack in my home I ask her to leave which she did ,but afterwards my home was broken into several times and I never had this happen before so after calling the police and gave her name as a possible about a week later a officer call me at home and told me they located a laptop computer that was mine at a local pawn shop and that I could pick it up after paying around 280 dollars that was paid by the pawn shop to this lady .The officer also told me she was in jail under different charges and that he would talk to her .After about a month later I found out she was out of jail and she was not charge for the break in of my home.(thinking why not)Then about four months later I ran into her and we started chatting and again she ask me for help which I refused but she did tell me about a police officer that would visit her while she was in prison and that they dated for awhile and that he would give her information about police operations concerning herself.This made me wonder why she was never charged for breaking into my home.Then a few days later she call me and told me she got her Social security and that she was going to turn her life around but she wanted to use my mailing address for her checks so I said sure. Things were working out no bother to me nor her then she ask if she could leave a suit case of her clothes with me for a few days while she was moving so I said sure.Now after a week sence she left the suitcase of clothes while at work my neighbor called and told me their was two cars at my house and a guy carry stuff from my home and their was a police SUV K-9 UNIT their also,so I thank them for calling and close my shop and drove to my home to find my door open my home totaled and also the front window next to the driveway open screen reap out blinds on my kitchen table wear they gain entry thru the window. No one was their no police nobody camera taken and change that I have been saving sence 1982 only empty childrens banks in my bedroom floor and old bottles full of change that I was saving for my grand children college funds,gold chains and diamond ring also was missing along with her clothes. Wow police was here strange people in my home screen ripe out rob again so I lock up and went back to work waiting for the police to call me but after waiting for 24 hours and no calls I called the police and tried to report a break in but after I told them the police was their when this was taking place they told me to hold on that a sgt. wanted to talk to me,I ask him what was going on and he stated that the officer supervisor was off and that I should called him the next day gave me his name and number, BUT REFUSE TO SEND A OFFICER OUT I live in Dayton but was refuse to report of a break in of my home .So the afternoon of the following day this officer supervisor call me and ask me what I wanted to know and he advise me the officer was their on a peace mission confused and ask what was a peace mission and he told me she wanted her suitcase of clothes ,so I told him don’t you think they should ask and that it was impropritate way of handling this action and assured him that I could not wear her clothes and he called me a liar and stated that I threw her out of the house and slam my door from the officer report(say what) then he also stated my only recource was a civil matter.Then I ask what about the police chief,what about internal affairs,what about the prosecutor. He then stated what ever case close. Now later that evening she calls my cell phone and stated see she did have a hook up and I better keep my mouth shut. After talking to some retire police officers and other friends told me to be careful if I would demand some type of action that the other police officers would ride me for the rest of my life.Thinking so what this man sexual desires means nothing to me but when a officer of the law puts his fantasy dreams in to write fantasy police reports for a justifiable reason to break in my home and let strangers have what they want and my nieghbors watch the act..Hey K-9 Mike you will have to answer the reasons why before me and others like your wife was it worth it.This will be place in over two hundred different locations across the internet and web…Looking for justice in Dayton ,Ohio

    Comment by Roger — December 7, 2008 @ 6:59 am

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