Ann Coulter at Xavier U/Cinci Enquirer update | September 7, 2007

*BY HOWARD WILKINSON EVANSTON – Thursday night’s lecture at Xavier University may well have been the most peaceful appearance on a college campus that conservative author and television talking head Ann Coulter has ever had.

In the past, Coulter lectures on campuses have been raucous affairs, with noisy demonstrations outside the lecture halls and liberals in the audience shouting invectives and Coulter firing back insults. There was none of that in the Cintas Center Thursday.

The Xavier College Republican Club paid Coulter $20,000 – all of it raised through private donations – to speak in a closed-off, 3,000-seat section of the basketball arena.hem Xavier students, along with hundreds of others whose college days were decades behind them – filed into the Cintas Center for the 7 p.m. lecture.Several hundred yards away, in front of Husman Hall, a coalition of liberal groups held a “Counter-Coulter” rally that drew about 200 people. It was aimed at celebrating the $26,000 raised on the Internet for six liberal campus groups – money donated by people who oppose Coulter’s hard-right views.

“Thanks, Ann Coulter,” read an enormous banner.

Coulter delivered a 35-minute speech that bounced from topic to topic – from Sen. Larry Craig’s bust in a Minnesota airport bathroom to some Clinton bashing, and her argument that Democrats want the U.S. to lose the war on terrorism.

The speech was a series of one-liners, the kind she uses regularly on the cable talk show circuits:

Democrats, she said, “believe public restrooms are only for snorting coke.” She called former President Clinton “a rapist” and said his wife, Sen. Hillary Clinton, has “chubby legs.”

On Iraq, she told the audience that “there are more aspirin overdoses in America every year than there have been deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.” Terrorists, Coulter said, “are Democrats with more gumption.”

But unlike at many Coulter campus appearances, there was no hooting and hollering from the audience and very little applause or laughter at her one-liners either.

Josh Jones, a 19-year-old Xavier sophomore from Union, Ky., describes himself as a conservative, but said he came to the lecture – free for students, $5 for everyone else – mainly out of curiosity.

“I’ve seen her slip up and get frazzled sometimes on TV,” Jones said. “I just wanted to see if she was like that in person.”

Across the way at the “Counter-Coulter” rally, the crowd heard a series of speakers from the organizations receiving the $26,000 – groups as diverse as the Black Student Association and the Xavier Women’s Center.

“Ann Coulter is entitled to her opinion,” said Dan Drent, the vice president of Equality Cincinnati, a gay rights group. “But we’re here to show that not everyone in this city thinks the way she does.”

Lynn Worpenberg of Democracy For Cincinnati, a liberal Democratic group, said the groups at the rally made a conscious decision to forgo a confrontation, “which is what she wants.”

“She has a right to talk,” said Worpenberg. “So do we. And we thought this was a much better alternative than standing in there yelling and waving signs.”

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  1. This blog was more interesting when you were writing your own stuff and not just copying and pasting entire news articles from other sites. Why don’t you just link to the news article and then include your commentary?

    Comment by D. Greene — September 8, 2007 @ 8:08 pm

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