Eddie Vedder to Perform@ Body of War Film Debut @Toronto Film Festival | September 4, 2007

My friend Maddi B told me about this..wish I could be there…

Vedder To Perform At ‘Body Of War’ Premiere

Eddie Vedder

August 22, 2007, 2:20 PM ET

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder will perform at the world premiere of the documentary “Body of War” on Sept. 11 at the Toronto International Film Festival. As previously reported, Vedder contributed two original songs to the film: “No More” and “Long Nights.”

“Body of War” chronicles the travails of Tomas Young, who was paralyzed by a bullet during his first week of military service in Iraq. Vedder was inspired to write material for the film, which was co-directed by talk show legend Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro, after meeting Young in recent months.

“No More” has been since been played live at a number of Pearl Jam shows, including the band’s headlining slot at Lollapalooza with guest Ben Harper earlier this month in Chicago.

After the Sept. 11 premiere, “Body of War” will screen the next four days in separate sessions for the media and general public. Another film with original Vedder songs, “Into the Wild,” is also screening at the Toronto fest but it is unknown of the artist will be involved in any related events.


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  1. Just back from the Toronto Film Festival. Heard today that Phil’s film BODY OF WAR
    tied with 2 “fiction” films for the

    What a great trip it was to go to Toronto for the premiere showing of one piercingly great anti-war film. It is not about the “dead” military but is about a living and terribly physically wounded soldier, Tomas Young. He is representative of all those thousands and thousands of men and women who went to Iraq only to return to their families in critically compromised conditions, often both physically and mentally. Tomas Young is paralyzed from the nipples down after being in Iraq in an Unarmored Truck with a bunch of other guys, many of whom are now dead. But the legacy of the living wounded will go on and on and on and on and will be reminders of the folly of Bush and his pals in their quest for their golden “oily” fleece and the Judas money.

    The Iraq Vets Against The War (IVAW) have been lifesavers for Tomas, along with his family, of course. Several IVAW guys were there with Tomas.

    Going to Toronto was a great treat from Phil. We (workers on the film, family, friends) stayed at the Fairmont Royal York hotel, a spiffy place with Royal Amenities for We the Plebians. I’ll admit it was such fun to be catered to and pampered.

    I hung out with the young guys for extra-curricular activities when we went out in search of a people’s watering hole. After stumbling upon one that was open late, a couple of the guys ordered martinis. The incredulous tattooed good sport waitress razzed them about ordering such fancy schmancy drinks in a beer and booze joint. She raised her eyebrows when I ordered a Chardonnay. In any case she brought the drinks and wine and beers and we proceeded to have a fine old time.

    Before the premiere on September 11 at 9:00 p.m. Phil put on a gala dinner at the Pangaea restaurant close to the Isabel Bader Theater where Body of War would be shown. Suddenly the skies broke and tons of rain fell. Marlo was alert and gave Jill (Phil’s Personal Assistant) the cue to order up 27 cabs for all of the assembled gang. We jumped in a were taken around a block or so only to see a huge line two blocks long waiting in the pouring down rain to get into the theater. It was a Sold-Out House.

    During the film the crowd cheered and laughed and were silent and taken aback at some scenes. It was a tribute to the talents of the people who worked on the film to see it evoke such emotions. Tears were shed. It was all I could do not to cry my eyes out at certain times. This film is totally human. You will be amazed. At the end there was a huge and raucous standing ovation, the longest of three during the film. I leapt up like a jackrabbit, pumping my fist into the air like a 60s hippy woman. Felt so good!

    There was a brief question and answer period
    and then Eddie Vedder came out with his guitar and played the two songs he wrote for the film (gratis, by the way — he is a terrific guy). Of course the groupies screamed “Eddie, Eddie” and so many flashbulbs popped he had to ask people to stop taking photos because he couldn’t see. We all sang along when he played “No More War” which will become the musical icon of this Iraq War ON Iraq. And Tomas Young will be the hero as will all the IVAW.

    After the thrilling premiere Phil put on yet another gathering for all of us plus the press, at one of the Fairmont Bars called the Library with more food and drinks and coffee and tea. Again we yakked it up until time said to me: “Maddi, get your self on the elevator and hit the sack.” Of course I was among the last few to leave the Library. Can’t ruin my record!!! LOL

    Now, we didn’t run into George or Brad and Angelina or Reese or Meryl or Jude or any of the other Star Types. They don’t go out shopping and they mostly eat privately. The only time one would get to see them would be at the premieres of their films. We looked, but did not see. As I said before, the good guys were in our film or made our film or promoted our film and they were the Best!!!

    The Film Festival reminded me of the National Sporting Goods Show where buyers go to see the wares of Adidas and Nike and other vendors to make purchases for future seasons. So, too, at the Film Festival people make purchases to be “Distributors” of the films they want for their theaters. These buyers pay attention to the “buzz” — the publicity — about films. Their goal is to make money in the Capitalist Way. So far, Body of War has had fantastic positive publicity and let’s hope a distributor steps up to the plate soon so we can get it here in Dayton.

    To top off everything each person who came to the premiere received a small book containing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence like the book Senator Robert Byrd carries in his breast pocket, compliments of Phil. Byrd was supposed to come. The old duffer cancelled, but copies of his and our Constitution were there! Wait til you see Byrd in this film!

    Contact your favorite Theater to ask for Body of War. PEACE……….maddi

    Comment by maddibee — September 16, 2007 @ 12:15 am

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