Coming Soon, A List of Person’s Convicted of Soliciting for Prostitution in Dayton | August 30, 2007

On a quarterly basis the City of Dayton’s Prosecutors office and The City’s Public Affairs office puts together a list of all the people who have been convicted in the City’s courts of offenses related to soliciting for prostitution. The list is published in the Dayton Daily News and shown [somewhat sporadically] on DATV and the Dayton City TV station.

According to the Prosecutor’s office it can take several days of work on their part to pull this list together and ensure it’s accuracy. The end result of publishing the list is some public embarrassment of those who have been convicted. While I applaud this effort at the same time I do not think it goes quite far enough, I am therefore embarking on a project to take this information to the “next level”:

When the current listing is finally prepared it will become available for viewing 24/7/365 on a new blog site simply entitled CONVICTED IN DAYTON OHIO OF SOLICITATION FOR PROSTITUTION.

It would be incredibly naive to think that sex for sale/prostitution is ever going to “go away”. Laws governing prostitution are promulgated on a state level, severely limiting what a local jurisdiction can enact in the way of ordinances aimed at controlling or “regulating” it. The alternatives are therefor similarly limited. You can have strict enforcement of the laws, which in turn, costs a great deal of money and the time of the various agencies involved. A second approach is accept the view of prostitutes as “victims”, both willing and unwilling, and to enact social programs aimed at alleviating that victim-hood through direct outreach/counseling and rehabilitation programs. Currently there are efforts in this regard proceeding at both the city and county levels. The third approach is to seek to reduce demand, which, of course, is similar in difficulty to repealing the laws of gravity. Nonetheless, some success CAN be achieved through public embarrassment of those who are found guilty and convicted. I believe having this list easily available for ready public perusal will be a small but worthwhile contribution to this effort.

Your thoughts and comments are most welcome.

NEW BLOG IS NOW ONLINE @                                                  http://prostitutionconvictionsdaytonohio.wordpress.com   

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