Petition to Stop Nuclear Waste Reprocessing at Piketon Nuclear Plant | August 18, 2007

My friend Patterson B sent me a note about the Southern Ohio Neighbors Groups and their efforts to stop the processing of nuclear wastes at the Piketon Ohio nuclear plant in southern Ohio. Please take a moment and read the petition and then, if you are enrgized by their work, duplicate and circulate it.

This Petition Sponsored by SONG: Southern Ohio Neighbors Group

P.O. Box 161, Piketon, OH 45661  SHIPPSONG@aol.com   Tel: (740) 289-2549

Instructions and tips for the SONG petition:

1. The petition will be submitted multiple places, wherever it can help demonstrate public sentiment. Primarily it will be submitted to the Department of Energy as part of the SONG counter-proposal to SONIC. For this purpose, get all signatures back to us before October 7, but continue collecting after that.

2. Anyone across southern Ohio and northern Kentucky should sign, from Marietta to Cincinnati, including Columbus, Dayton and Springfield. The Huntington WV area is also included. Children can sign as long as they are old enough to understand.

3. As you take the petition around, bring multiple copies to distribute to those who show special interest. Have those people sign your petition before you give them blanks.

4. Keep copies of the petitions you send in, so you can call the people on your lists as a phone tree. Write your name and number on the tops of the petitions you turn in.

5. Send in the signatures you have every Friday, even if pages are not filled.

6. If possible, keep the petitions segregated by county.

7. Make a special effort to collect both phone numbers and e-mail addresses, and make sure the e-mail addresses are legible.

Petition to Stop Nuclear Dump AT Piketon

A Petition to Stop the Importation and Storage of Nuclear and Radioactive Waste and to Ban Nuclear Reprocessing in Pike County
Private parties and public officials have proposed that the Piketon atomic site become a center for the storage and reprocessing of high-level nuclear waste, and that depleted uranium and spent nuclear fuel be imported into Pike County from other states and around the world. There has been no public disclosure of these plans, nor consultation with local residents.
We, the undersigned residents of southern Ohio, oppose importation of toxic and radioactive waste to Pike County. We oppose any new plan to process or reprocess nuclear materials at Piketon. We reject the cynical reference to dangerous reprocessing as “recycling.” The Piketon site is not appropriate for and should not be “studied” for these activities because:
The site sits above the Teays aquifer in an extremely sensitive and diverse ecosystem.

Ancient earthworks and burial mounds are sacred to Indians of the region.

A wealth of historic properties of great cultural value surround the site.

We already suffer and are recovering from a history of illegal dumping of toxic materials.

We need good and real jobs that serve local needs – jobs in cleanup, restoration, manufacturing industries, and clean energy production like ethanol – not phantom promises of future jobs in hazardous industries that never materialize.

There are endangered and protected species in the area including the Timber Rattlesnake, the Indiana Bat, and possibly the Cougar.

Reprocessing has caused permanent plutonium contamination in every community where it’s been tried, and desert states with more suitable environments like Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico have banned the importation of high-level waste.

To promote community health, preserve our natural and cultural heritage, produce good jobs, and promote a vibrant tourist economy, we demand that the site be dedicated to environmental cleanup, historic restoration, and non-nuclear, non-hazardous industries, with funding for cleanup increased, and all waste now stored at the site removed as soon as possible.

We call upon our elected officials and all candidates running for public office to:

Reject the SONIC proposal and withdraw any such proposal that has been submitted.
Reject storage of commercial waste or spent fuel, or nuclear reprocessing at Piketon.
Inform the Department of Energy that the site is off-limits to all waste importation and storage and should be reclassified for long-term cleanup and return to local ownership.
Complete the treatment of onsite waste and remove it from the site as rapidly as possible.
Support a community-based process of planning for the long-term cleanup, restoration and conversion of the Piketon site, with real jobs in safe industries that meet local needs.

This Petition Sponsored by SONG: Southern Ohio Neighbors Group
P.O. Box 161, Piketon, OH 45661  SHIPPSONG@aol.com   Tel: (740) 289-2549
Please print this petition and return it to the address above.

A Petition to Stop the Importation and Storage of Nuclear and Radioactive Waste  and to Ban Nuclear Reprocessing in Pike County

Name            Address                                                          Phone                E-mail
















This Petition Sponsored by SONG: Southern Ohio Neighbors Group

P.O. Box 161, Piketon, OH 45661  SHIPPSONG@aol.com   Tel: (740) 289-2549


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