Hillary & The “Invisible” Serviceman ad | August 15, 2007

Politcal junkie that I am, I was up late last night flippin’ back and forth from Faux Noise to MSNBC & CNN when I WAS stopped dead in my clicking by Hannity’s guests on FN, Ollie North and Sen Kay Hutchinson [R-Tex]. They were discussing Hillary C’s new ad being shown in Iowa which uses the theme that many of America’s problems are “invisible” to the Bush Admin. The one point that really seemed to set them off was the contention that American Servicemen were part of this grouping of invisible…Both attacked the ad as being “unpatriotic” that Clinton was “politicizing” the war and the people who were fighting in it…”Clinton’s response earlier in the day to attacks on the ad was “o, I must have struck a nerve…” Yeah, right, a nerve. A raw one

Well guess what, this War has been “political” from the get go! We need not review the sickening list of false claims that led us there, only to note that the people who have benefited the most from the war are the war profiteers like Haliburton and the Blackstone Group who have amassed Billions while American GI’s and Iraqi’s die by the thousands.

And who are the invisible?? Try thinking about the caskets of the thousands of American servicepeople you never see coming off the planes from Iraq. The Bushies, quite aware of the impact the arriving caskets from Vietnam had on public opinion and claiming the need for “privacy” have banned photos of the Iraqi soldier’s biers. Sanitized and simplified. No sacrifice, no caskets, no dead.

And on the military bases there is now a move afoot to forgo the individual memorial services held to honor the Casualties of War in favor of monthly mass ceremonies. Apparently, at some bases, the individual ones were happening far too often. Fewer ceremonies means less visibility, less acknowledgment of the true costs of War.

Or how about the situation at Walter Reed Hospital in Washington DC ? Until the publicity surrounding conditions there were finally too much to cover up any longer those men and women were surely invisible to most american’s.

Personally I am no fan of the Clinton’s, either one, but what is significant here is the tone of the attack dogs of the right. Karl Rove may be gone form DC proper, but his legacy continues on in the persona’s of right wing pundits like Sean Hannity and Bubba O’reilly. Their shrill bleating should be seen for what it foretells, the use of a vicious blend of McCarthyism and Religious fervor designed to intimidate and marginalize critics of the War and the Bush administration. This fear tactic was most recently used to get 18 Democratic Senators to capitulate on the NSA wiretap bill. We can expect much more of the same.


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