Unclothed…Rep. Turner’s Iraq Position Unchanged | August 3, 2007


This morning I called 3rd District Congressman Mike Turner’s DC office [202-225-6465] and spoke to a staff person named Joe. My first question was “Does signing on Rep. Abercrombie’s bill mean that the Congressman is breaking with the president on Iraq?” “Oh, no, I would not read that into this bill”, he replied, “Mr Turner still supports the President.” “Well, then, what does it mean that he is supporting this bill” I asked. He then ran down the essentials of what was in the Daily News on Thursday. My next question was “But, wait, how is his position different now from what it was before as regards the War? Except for asking the DOD to report back it does nothing…is it just a plan to have a plan?” “Well, yes, basically. The Congressman believes that it is inevitable that we will leave, someday, and that we should have a plan for doing so…” But that does not mean he thinks we should leave now, as most American do, does it?” “Oh no, the Mr Turner has not changed his position in that regard” I then asked how it was that Mr Turner’s position on the War squared with his frequent claim that he “represents the District” when over 60% of the population wants the US to leave Iraq? “That’s not our experience here, the majority of calls we have received support Mr Turner’s position on this issue.” I aksed him if he had any data to back that up and he said “no, it was just anecdotal, from answering the phones.” Well then, ” I asked, “can’t you extrapolate the national poll numbers onto the District?” “I’m not a statistician ” he replied, ” I don’t know if you can fairly do that.”

Bottom line, the cloak that Mr Turner is seeking to wear is a shabby one. His position on what and why we are in Iraq has not changed, and, the when of when we should leave is still the same:whatever the President decides. The resolution passed by the Armed Services committee is a sham, it does nothing and really says nothing. It’s only purpose is to provide cover for those too timid to take a real position on the Iraq War, including Mr Turner. It is perfectly reasonable to take the numerous polls that have been taken about the feelings that people have about the Iraq war and extrapolate them to Dayton & the 3rd District. That means that the overwhelming majority of people in his District want Mr Turner to actually represent them on this issue. He does not,a dn any claim to the contrary is a bogus one.

Shame on you, Mr Turner, you are NOT representative of the people of the Miami Valley on this question.


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