The Emperor [Mike Turner] has No Clothes | August 2, 2007

cong-mike-turner.jpg This morning DDNews had an short piece under the title Something to Talk About which was very confusing. It linked local Congressman Mike Turner with Rep. Neil Abercrombie of Hawaii on a bill that “would force the Defense Department to begin drafting plans to redeploy troops. It also requires the Secretary of Defense to report back to Congress within 60 days on the status of plans for redeploying troops from Iraq, but not set a date for redeployment”

Hunh?? Mike Turner cosponsoring a bill for Redeployment??
What’s that about??

Here is what Congressman Abercrombie’s web site says:
Abercrombie’s Iraq redeployment bill clears key committee with 55-2 vote
Washington, D.C. U.S. Representative Neil Abercrombie’s bill requiring a new plan for operations in Iraq earned strong bipartisan support Friday in the House Armed Services Committee, which passed the bill 55-2.“This is the first step toward working together as a Congress – not as Democrats or Republicans – toward a new plan to turn control of Iraq’s future over to the Iraqis,” Abercrombie said after the committee vote.The bill, which won overwhelming vote of support from Democrats and Republicans on the committee:

  • recognizes that the U.S. Armed Forces and U.S. civilians have worked valiantly, and that it is time for Iraq to manage its future;
  • notes that when Congress authorized military force in 2002, it was concerned about an Iraqi government that has since been removed from power;
  • states that the new, freely-elected Iraqi government poses no threat to the United States;
    plans for our continued military mission in Iraq;
  • expresses the view that such a plan should include a refocus of our military to combating al-Qaeda and other terrorists.

The legislation was authored by Abercrombie and Rep. John Tanner (TN) and is co-sponsored by a group of both Democrats and Republicans. It has not yet been scheduled to come before the full House for debate.

Here’s the kicker…the KEY PHRASE from the article: but not set a date for redeployment“…In other words, coming back to the 3rd District and facing a constituency that is heavily disillusioned and angry about our continued involvement in the quagmire of civil war, Mr Turner is seeking to cover his ongoing war support [votes for every Bush agenda item on the war] by pretending to have a plan for “redeployment” which, in actuality is meaningless since it sets no date.

It is hard to see what Rep Abercombies point is with this measure as it really says NOTHING new, and further, offers no concrete steps to move forward on GETTING OUT, which should be the real focus of any debate on the War. This is a blatant attempt to clothe the members of the Committee with the facade of “opposition” to the War while in actuality doing absolutely nothing to stop it.

Tomorrow I will call Mr Turner’s office for clarification of his views on the war and when he thinks we should GET OUT…


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  1. I was wondering when you were going to just go ahead and make a blog instead of an email list, Gary. 🙂

    Linked…welcome to the blogosphere, such as it is.

    Comment by Len — August 3, 2007 @ 2:14 am

  2. BTW, surely you expected nothing else from Turner. This kind of thing is pretty much modus operandi for him.

    Comment by Len — August 3, 2007 @ 2:44 am

  3. You’re just a hater. And you’re pathetic.

    Comment by Alex — August 4, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

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